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wedding vendor roundup!

As you all probably know by now (as evidenced by my previous wedding rants here and here and here and also here), M and I had ourselves a wedding. It was a little crazy at times trying to make this wedding thing work while simultaneously hating... Continue Reading →

feminist {wedding} friday: wtf?!

Y'all. I'm about to lose my damn mind. When I got engaged, it took my (well-meaning) friends all of maybe 12 hours before they started asking me what has become, seemingly, one of the most important aspects of wedding planning:... Continue Reading →

feminist {wedding} friday: grooms tell all

Here's the newsflash: I (much like, I would suspect, many grooms in this country) care about my wedding day. I have opinions, feelings, likes and dislikes about a lot of the elements of the big day. The color difference between sea foam and mint for ties, slate or steel for the suit color, trying to not worry about the sun in my eyes at an outdoor wedding. I do think about these things. They do matter to me.

feminist {wedding} friday: conspicuous consumption…with a conscience?

Nothing starts a blog post off right like a bunch of big words and a nice alliteration, am I right? Now, we all know that if weddings are famous for's being expensive as hell. Seriously. I'm trying to cut ALL... Continue Reading →

feminist {wedding} friday: the struggle is real

Okay, so we all know that the traditional American/Christian/straight white people wedding isn't exactly the picture of gender equality, and don't exactly reflect the power relationships that most couples try to embody these days. Let me first say that as... Continue Reading →

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