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simplify your beauty routine: 7 summer must-haves

  Ever since Ally became my best friend in AP English during those very pleasant high school years, I’ve been *literally* taking pictures of her to my hair stylist, the Sephora store, etc. Seriously. And this was back before I... Continue Reading →

the spring 2016 capsule wardrobe!

Truth: I am digging my spring capsule so far (check out more details about my capsule experiments here and here). I tried to fill it up with plenty of good "basics", though admittedly, I am bad at basics because I'm obsessed with... Continue Reading →

this time, i mean it: THE SPRING CAPSULE WARDROBE

Remember that time I did a capsule wardrobe? Me either.........OKAY, actually, it went pretty well. I did a Fall capsule wardrobe (if you don't remember, check it out: simplify 101: the capsule wardrobe). I stuck to it for about a month,... Continue Reading →

simplify 101: personal finance for {almost} grownups

  Here's a confession for y'all: I spend money on dumb things sometimes. A lot of the time, actually. Marshall and I are emotional spenders--when we have a bad day, or a good day, or a mediocre day, we shop, we... Continue Reading →

simplify 101: the capsule wardrobe

About two months ago, I was feeling a little annoyed at myself (it happens). I knew I was spending money on more things than I needed, and our post-work, tired-and-feeling-entitled-to-new-stuff Target shopping trips were becoming a little bit too regular.... Continue Reading →

my 5 favorite sunday night rituals for the best. week. ever.

Sundays are my favorite day of the week. Sundays are my time for goal setting, figuring out what terrible habits I picked up over the last week, undoing all the damage I inevitably did from eating terrible awesome treats and... Continue Reading →

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