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travel food: eating victoria

Well, here it is. The other half of our honeymoon excursion. And if reading about our crazy delicious adventures in Vancouver had your stomach grumbling, well, buckle up, because Victoria was just as delicious. I didn't think I could love a place... Continue Reading →

travel food: eating vancouver

We have returned from our amazing trip to British Columbia! Though it was only five days long, we packed a ton of adventure into those few days! Everyone was so nice, the weather was incredible, and Marshall got to check... Continue Reading →

snack time: delicious & easy “powerballs”

Well, we did it. M and I had a pretty great wedding (more on that soon - stay tuned!), he submitted his comprehensive exams, and I submitted my thesis. We are husband & wife, and weeks away from being Masters... Continue Reading →

easy summer recipes to trick people into thinking you know what you’re doing 

I'm the laziest cook on the planet. I love to cook. I think it's fun, it calms me down, and I do a lot of good thinking while I chop onions (and if I need a good cry...well, you know).... Continue Reading →

i made my own cold brew coffee {because adulthood}

Cold brew coffee is all the rage with the kids these days, from Starby's to your local hipster coffee house to the mom-and-pop bagel shop down the street. I've been buying cold brew coffee for almost a year now, and... Continue Reading →

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