As you all probably know by now (as evidenced by my previous wedding rants here and here and here and also here), M and I had ourselves a wedding. It was a little crazy at times trying to make this wedding thing work while simultaneously hating a lot of the stuff that usually comes with it. BUT. We persevered, y’all. We came, we saw, we conquered the wedding. Now that it’s been a few weeks and things are settling down, I’m reflecting on what a fun party it was. And it really was a great freakin’ party. We put all of our energy & resources into picking elements that would make our wedding a great time for our friends and family (& ourselves!) and it made for a weekend full of love, laughter, and all of our friends begging us to get married again real soon, which I’m pretty sure is the highest compliment you can get.

We definitely worked hard to include some creative moments that were straight out of our weird brains (more on that next week!) and make it a totally unique, unforgettable event that was more about making it an experience for everyone than just a “stare at us while we gaze lovingly at each other” kind of function. We DIY-ed some stuff (my best friend Ally found vintage post cards, we shopped the hell out of TJ Maxx’s mugs and vases, and lots of very generous friends donated plenty of empty wine and liquor bottles, plus we did all the ceremony decor ourselves). BUT. Most of the cool stuff, we had very little to do with except clicking a few buttons.

Therefore, all that magic couldn’t have happened without the help of some fantastic vendors, makers, creators, and entrepreneurs who created/designed/dreamed some seriously amazing wedding swag (so we didn’t have to)! And rather than just patting myself on the back (read: getting married is not an accomplishment) I’ve rounded up some of my favorite elements from our wedding and the amazing people responsible for them here – because the whole reason we found as many independent designers and business owners for our wedding as possible, was so we could highlight their amazing work (and keep the dollars that we were spending in the hands of the actual people making all this cool stuff).

So, here are just a *few* of the awesome people that helped make our party the prettiest one around:

Y’all. Malinda is the coolest lady. She was sick of the corporate world, and glass ceilings, and all of that #patriarchy ish, and so she decided to open up her own bridal shop. The result is a warm, inviting place with a totally personalized experience that makes even the most awkward and uncomfortable brides among us (hello, it’s me) feel like a Kardashian before the Met Ball.

She was great to work with and did custom bouquets for my bridesmaids, my own, and individual stems for our centerpieces. The flowers were gorgeous and she incorporated the gold elements that I wanted. The book paper flowers were incredible – fresh flowers are so stupid expensive, and it’s not great to take a bunch of stuff out of the ground and then watch it die all night. Like….is that cute? Anyway, I couldn’t have been happier with the way these turned out.

  • Dope seaglass candy (handmade by M and I, but the inspiration & wonderful instructions are from Something Turquoise and we made the labels using a great creator over at Your New Friend Sam)

Not gonna lie, making this candy was baaaaaller. We got everything we needed (like a candy thermometer and flavoring oils) for super cheap on Amazon, so the candy was super easy and cheap! I love the Something Turquoise blog, too.

A custom mix of copper and spalted maple set in titanium, this ring was the coolest. Mine are super cheap placeholder stacking rings that I found online because I have big dreams of getting the whole thing reset in yellow gold. Curse everyone in college who told me yellow gold wasn’t cool, because none of those people are cool. So there. ANYWAY. Marshall’s ring is gorgeous. Be sure to check out Staghead’s many awesome designs and they do great custom work, too!

Lancey Wedding-25.jpg

HOW COOL. We are obsessed with maps, and guestbooks are weird, so this canvas was perfect. We had everyone sign with gold paint pens. We’ll be hanging it in our home forever. I’m obsessed. The end.

Lancey Wedding-29

What can I say? Printables are cheap and dope and a great way to fancify for a few bucks or less.

Because beer.

Lancey Wedding-34

Obviously, I’m obsessed with our photos, and Vivian did an amazing job capturing our entire day (all pictures here except my weird candy pics are, of course, courtesy of Vivian). She did an amazing job capturing all the fun and special moments that were a part of our day. She was in the middle of all the action for the whole reception (I’m surprised she didn’t take an elbow or something to the face, honestly), and all of the pictures are gorgeous. And, of course, not only is she the greatest photographer in the history of planet earth, but Viv and her husband amazing, brilliant people that are just great to be around. Anyway. Hire her. Tell her I sent you (just to make her think I’m cool).

Lancey Wedding-8.jpg


Lancey Wedding-517.jpg

So, there you have it. Just a handful of the amazing vendors who made this wedding look and feel as amazing as it was. Have you used any of these amazing creators before? Let me know!

Keep creating, or at least supporting people who do because you have no skill (oh, is that just me?)!