Well, here it is. The other half of our honeymoon excursion. And if reading about our crazy delicious adventures in Vancouver had your stomach grumbling, well, buckle up, because Victoria was just as delicious.

I didn’t think I could love a place more than I loved Vancouver – and then we hopped on a ferry on a gorgeous, sunny day and found ourselves across the strait on Vancouver Island. Damn. It was beautiful. Victoria was amazing, and sweet little Oak Bay, where our amazing hotel was, was the perfect spot for a romantic few days.

Basically, I just can’t say enough good things about what an incredible trip we had and the hospitality, beauty, and adventure that BC showed us. It wasn’t the most glamorous of honeymoons, but it was ours, and quite frankly, I think we killed it. BUT. You’re here for the food, right? Okay, here we go.

Oak Bay’s offerings:

The Dining Room: We had a lovely meal in the Dining Room at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel! We aren’t usually ones for hotel food, but this place was delicious and the atmosphere was very cute! Marshall finally got some oysters (okay, I ate some, too), and we had delicious fish dishes.

The Snug Pub: On our last day in Victoria, we were exhausted (a little sad), and wanted to relax and stay close by, so we ate at another cute hotel spot, the Snug Pub. We had a traditional English charcuterie board (um, it was dope) and maple. whiskey. wings. YES.

Oysters, and then a few more oysters:

Ferris’ Upstairs Oyster Bar: This was my favorite spot in Victoria. A great vibe, awesome cocktail menu, and we went during buck-a-shuck happy hour (the most magical of happy hours), so oysters were $1! We got some baked ones (they have a ton of varieties), and then, of course, some amazing oysters on the half shell.

Chowing down in Chinatown:

Don Mee: After our oyster appetizers, we wandered around Victoria and explored a bit downtown. It was an amazing little city! We found ourselves in Chinatown, and our stomachs were grumbling again. We found Don Mee and ordered whatever the chef suggested for the two of us. The result was chicken, shrimp, beef, noodles, rice, and the most delicious dim sum dishes I’ve ever had. We ate way too much, but it was AWESOME.

Coffee flights & homemade poptarts (yes, you’re reading that correctly):

Hide and Seek: The coolest spot in Downtown Oak Bay. We had a coffee flight of cold brew, lemongrass lemonade, and a horchata-type drink and they were all flavorful and delicious! We also had homemade poptarts, which were life affirming. This fuled us up for a long day on the Zodiac boat, whale watching and hiking!


Lunch with the sea lions:

The Fish Store at Fisherman’s Wharf: Admittedly, the coolest part about this lunch was that there were just casual sea lions and otters playing around in the harbor. We bought some fish and were feeding the critters! Fisherman’s wharf is also a gorgeous spot. All the restaurants were floating! This place is a must see, and the food we ate was no joke. Delicious fried fish and chips (fried salmon was a first for me!), a cod sandwich that was so flavorful, and a salmon chowder featuring all kinds of salmon (including candied salmon, another first!)

Saying goodbye (with snacks):

We rounded out our final hours in Victoria with some delicious sangria by the mineral pools at our hotel (a terrible choice, because it was so magical I wanted to cry), some gelato and frozen cheesecake downtown, and a tea stop at a super cute loose tea shop in downtown Victoria on our way to the ferry.

Victoria, you were beautiful and perfect and magical and we cannot thank you enough! As I always say, ya gotta feed your wanderlust, and you gotta wander(lust) for food. Keep eating!