Remember that time I did a capsule wardrobe? Me either………OKAY, actually, it went pretty well. I did a Fall capsule wardrobe (if you don’t remember, check it out: simplify 101: the capsule wardrobe). I stuck to it for about a month, and it went really well! However, I ended up picking the wrong pieces either for the weather (black jeans in Florida in August. Girl. GIRL. Think about your choices), or I picked pieces that weren’t as versatile as I thought they’d be.

BUT. Here we go. M and I have started going through our tiny apartment and packing what we can, and throwing away/donating a LOT of other stuff, so I’m totally reinspired. I’m going to try it for another month (April 15-May 15), and then reevaluate when it’s time for us to move (somewhere!). I’ll likely be capsuling it up anyway at that point, because WHO KNOWS where we’ll be living/traveling/what the heck we’ll be up to.

There are MANY different ways to do a capsule wardrobe, and lots of folks have lots of different rules. See three of my faves: this post from Apartment TherapyProject 333’s take, and ultimate cool girl Caroline, over at Un-Fancy‘s very cool capsules.

But as I mentioned the first time, for me it centers around a few basic principles:

  1. It’s an experiment, not a rigid “challenge” that you fail or succeed. It’s an opportunity to learn about yourself and look for ways to improve and simplify where you can. That means it’s okay to tweak as you go (so you aren’t sweating to death in your black jeans. In August. Oy.)
  2. It’s supposed to be FUN (hello, because it’s clothes) and, again, give you an opportunity to try new things & learn about yourself (while stopping mindless shopping/saving you time in the mornings/keeping you from spending hundreds of dollars on heavy bags while traveling/whatever the hell reason you start a capsule of your own).
  3. Finally, not the same “rules” or guidelines will work for everyone. Some people wear totally different things to work vs. on the weekends, or go out all the time and need different outfits for that, or WHATEVER. Not the same number of clothing items, or breakdown of types of outfit pieces, will work for everyone. BE FLEXIBLE. This is not bootcamp. It is a fun experiment with your clothes. Chill, people. This is gonna be cool.

Thus, I read around the internet and came up with guidelines for myself, based on what worked last Fall, and what didn’t (let me remind you ONE LAST TIME of the image of me drenched in sweat, in my black jeans. In Florida. In August). What helped this time was looking at ALL of my clothes and just making a list of the pieces I couldn’t live without, rather than trying to make cuts based on how many outfit pieces I was “supposed” to have. Then, I filled in the gaps from there. I already feel really good about it!

But, while I was doing this, I used it as an opportunity to get rid of clothes I knew would never need to have a home in any capsule wardrobe. Some stuff, I stored for later, but I also realized how much excess I have. I donated a bunch of old clothes, but I’ve also been selling old pieces on Poshmark. I’ve loved it so far! Making a little extra money, simplifying my closet, and making my move a little bit lighter…I don’t hate it. Check out my Poshmark closet to see the great quality pieces I’ve listed for cheap (***in fact, use the code POGFZ and get $10 off your first Poshmark order, even if it’s not from my closet! HOLLA!)

  • 10 bottoms:
    • 3 pairs of jeans (I should work on this, but I just love my jeans, y’all)
    • 3 pairs of shorts
    • 2 skirts
    • 2 pairs of pants (not jeans)
  • 8 pairs of shoes:
    • 2 flats
    • 2 fun sandals
    • 2 casual/flip flops
    • 1 heels
    • 1 pair of spring booties
  • 16 tops:
    • 4 casual/tshirts
    • 4 blouses
    • 4 sweaters
    • 4 tank tops
  • 4 dresses

I’m giving myself unlimited access to work-out clothes (which, yeah, I more often than not weat in public so, okay, sue me), but I’m only counting “work out clothes” as gym shorts & athletic leggings, tshirts and running tanks. Also, because people still ask about this…no, undies don’t count. I’m also not including accessories (jewelry & scarves). Those are really great ways to stretch out and change up outfits, and jewelry shopping isn’t a huge retail therapy/mindless spending trigger for me. But, if it is for you, you may want to just pick a few classic, versatile pieces to keep in your capsule for the time being.

OKAY. That’s it! My April-May 2016 capsule! Next, I’ll be showing you all the pieces I have in my capsule for this season (and where you can find them, or similar!)

Excited for another capsule experiment! Are you thinking of turning your spring cleaning into a capsule wardrobe experiment, too? Let me know!