About two months ago, I was feeling a little annoyed at myself (it happens). I knew I was spending money on more things than I needed, and our post-work, tired-and-feeling-entitled-to-new-stuff Target shopping trips were becoming a little bit too regular. I frequently found myself trying to buy things to fulfill voids in my life that I knew had nothing to do with a lack of placemats, or clothes, or whatever other weird shit I ended up leaving Target with (or ordering from various dangerous dark places on the internet…). I started looking around and realized other people were feeling the same way. So I sat down and made a list of things I knew I wanted more of. It looked something like this:

  1. Time to explore my own personal and professional interests
  2. Time to do fun things with my guy
  3. Experiences, memories, and trips
  4. Disposable income and ways to get smarter about money (duh)

You know what wasn’t anywhere near this list? Stuff. Clothes. Placemats (seriously, why do I buy placemats? We don’t even have a table). So, I started looking for ways to simplify. This is our last year of grad school (for awhile, at least), while we’re still in a semi-not-real world bubble, and Marshall and I both want to get better about simplifying our life so that we can move to a new place and start the next phase of our lives on the best possible foot and not trying to dig our way out of bad habits. So many of my/our bad habits are impulse or emotion driven (eating terrible food, excessive shopping, “treating” ourselves a little more often than not…) and I wanted to find healthier ways to deal with feeling frustrated, or happy, or sad, or hangry that didn’t involve spending money and throwing me off the path to my personal goals. As a result, I’ve become a crazy blog reader. I read personal finance advice, life and “happiness” advice, and just about everything else. Lucky for you, I get to read all that, pick what I like, try it out, and share it with you. SO. We’re going to start with this one: The Capsule Wardrobe (cue ominous music)…

I stumbled across the very cool Caroline’s blog, Un-Fancy, and have been pretty in love with it. She started a Capsule Wardrobe–a way to spend less money on clothes and shopping, save herself time and energy, and find new inspiration and ways to get creative with what she was wearing. I love the idea, and for me it seemed like such a good place to start on my journey to a simpler, happier life. She lays out all the rules in several posts (most recently here), but it’s pretty simple: you pick somewhere around 37 pieces and only wear those in different combinations for 3 months. Of course, underwear/pajamas/workout clothes don’t count. I’m obsessed with the capsule wardrobe. We’ve been traveling since I discovered her blog, so I’ve been packing in a sort-of capsule wardrobe mindset, but now that I’m back in Florida it’s time to start my August-October capsule wardrobe. Following Caroline’s guidelines (they’re not rules, exactly, because this isn’t some sort of restrictive thing for crazy people–it’s supposed to be fun!), here’s what I’ve put together to get me through the next 3 months. I tweaked Caroline’s guidelines a bit to fit my needs (because Florida is weird), and ended up with 38 pieces total, not including outerwear, workout clothes, or pjs (or underwear, obviously, which seemingly is a shock because whenever I explain this to someone they ask me about my underwear):

  • 10 bottoms:
    • 2 pairs of jeans
    • 2 pairs of shorts
    • 4 skirts
    • 2 pairs of pants (not jeans)
  • 8 pairs of shoes:
    • 2 flats
    • 2 fun sandals
    • 2 casual/flip flops
    • 2 heels
  • 16 tops:
    • 4 casual/tshirts
    • 4 blouses
    • 4 sweaters
    • 4 tank tops
  • 4 dresses

I am soooo excited to get this capsule wardrobe party started. I’ll be officially starting on August 1 and posting updates here, and also on my Instagram account, where you can find me @delaricheliere.

Fingers crossed!