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July 2015

feminist {wedding} friday: conspicuous consumption…with a conscience?

Nothing starts a blog post off right like a bunch of big words and a nice alliteration, am I right? Now, we all know that if weddings are famous for's being¬†expensive as hell. Seriously. I'm trying to cut ALL... Continue Reading →

simplify 101: the capsule wardrobe

About two months ago, I was feeling a little annoyed at myself (it happens). I knew I was spending money on more things than I needed, and our post-work, tired-and-feeling-entitled-to-new-stuff Target shopping trips were becoming a little bit too regular.... Continue Reading →

my 5 favorite sunday night rituals for the best. week. ever.

Sundays are my favorite day of the week. Sundays are my time for goal setting, figuring out what terrible habits I picked up over the last week, undoing all the damage I inevitably did from eating terrible awesome treats and... Continue Reading →

i made my own cold brew coffee {because adulthood}

Cold brew coffee is all the rage with the kids these days, from Starby's to your local hipster coffee house to the mom-and-pop bagel shop down the street. I've been buying cold brew coffee for almost a year now, and... Continue Reading →

feminist {wedding} friday: the struggle is real

Okay, so we all know that the traditional American/Christian/straight white people wedding isn't exactly the picture of gender equality, and don't exactly reflect the power relationships that most couples try to embody these days. Let me first say that as... Continue Reading →

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